Likely you are reading this post because you saw the news that Government Futures and McConnell International have been sold to the most excellent boutique consultancy, Clinton Rubin, LLC. I am excited about this change — for my clients and for myself. Originally posted by Bruce McConnell on in 2008.

In a major speech on national security yesterday at Purdue University, Barack Obama highlighted the need to face new threats and not continue “fighting the last war.” Loose nukes, bio-terrorism, and cybersecurity were the three themes. Originally posted by Bruce McConnell on 2008.

Report from Jordan

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Camille Auspitz

What happens when King Abdullah II of Jordan invites 30 Nobel Laureates to gather in the ancient jewel of Petra, and “imagine practical approaches to sustainable growth, development, and prosperity, the real foundations of peace”? Originally posted by Bruce McConnell on in 2008.

Fifteen years ago, cartoonist Peter Steiner drew two dogs sitting in front of a computer, one saying to the other, "On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog." This iconic adage, cute in its day, is now a warning. Originally posted by Bruce McConnell on in 2008.

Last week at the RSA Security Conference, several interesting workshops explored aspects of criminal hacking. One of them, conducted by Charlie Miller, examined the incentives for finding and disclosing vulnerabilities in enterprise software. Originally posted by Bruce McConnell on in 2008.

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